Justin Rentie
Justin Rentie
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In my first post I covered my background and described how I came to study computer science at Colorado State University. Where am I today?

I graduated from C.S.U. in Fort Collins in the spring semester of 2018. When I started college four years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I would actually walk across that stage with a computer science degree in four short years. Having never coded a day in my life before starting at C.S.U., it seemed unlikely to complete my degree on time. I did it, though.

I am just a few short months out of college and I am still getting a feel for what life is like post-graduation. It feels strange not having any homework assignments to complete, tests to worry about, or classes to register for in the fall. These days I am trying to explore new hobbies and find ways of participating in old hobbies. I am avidly on the search for a new place to play my saxophone, and have a strong desire to take up dance classes.

The real adjustment is jumping in and starting my career. While I have worked several jobs throughout my college career (two of them at once my Fall semester Junior year), I’ve never worked a single job more than 30 hours a week. I now work full time, 40 hours a week, at the Open Water Foundation located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

At OWF I have spent the past year as a web development intern, but now I have taken on the role as full time software developer where I have began working on adding code to various Java projects. At OWF we develop tools and visualizations for the aid of processing and understanding water data collected from the state of Colorado. I find this work to be fun and interesting because it allows me to contribute in some way to the environment as well as improve my skills as a software developer.

It is my hope to take the skills I learn from work at OWF to propel me into my career as a software developer. Throughout my education, three classes really peaked my interest: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Systems Security. I would love to find a career working in one of these three fields. Right now a strong interest of mine is crypto-currency and applications of blockchain. I have a strong desire to move to Denver within the next year and find work somewhere in the city, and with any luck I can find work in one of these fields of interest.

For now I will use my time in Fort Collins to improve my skills as a software developer, explore new hobbies and interests, and establish myself as a working adult so that I can have the resources and finances available for my next big move to the city.