About Justin Rentie


My name is Justin Rentie. I was born in Palisade, Colorado where I lived for the first 17 years of my life. After high school I decided to pursue Computer Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I graduated from C.S.U. in the spring 2018 semester with a degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Human Centered Computing.

I am currently employed as a full time software developer at Open Water Foundation where I am primarily focused on java development for data processing tools as well as web development which includes creating online visualizations for collected water data.


Example visualizations/sites:

I spent the past year focused primarily on web development. I developed skills in HTML/CSS as well as JavaScript and have learned a lot while working with the JavaScript library D3.js.

I’m currently focused on cultivating my skills as a back-end software developer using Java as well as Python. I have particular interest in the fields of algorithm’s work, artificial intelligence, and blockchain/cryptocurrency. Currently I am focusing on better understanding blockchain and how it applies to crypto as well as other applications such as digital contracts.

It is my hope to soon make a move to Denver, Colorado where I can find solid work as a software developer and to develop further my skills as a programmer. With any luck I can get involved with algorithms, A.I., or crypto.

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About This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to document the things I’ve learned either through work or through my own personal projects. I am using this blog as an opportunity to help myself get better at documenting code and communicating complicated concepts to others. By documenting information I am also ensuring that I have a better understanding. This blog will mostly focus on Java/Python, though I may write the occasional post on topics learned from my time working as a web developer intern, HTML/CSS and JavaScript primarily. I’ve also been working to better understand Blockchain/Bitcoin/Ethereum, and plan on documenting any information learned in these areas.

By no means am I claiming to be an expert in any of these topics.

Most of the information I gather and document will most likely be easily found in other parts of the internet. As I mention above the main focus of this blog is to help myself get better at coding and documenting, and also act as a source of reference to return to in future. Regardless, I hope this blog can act as a source of information and learning for myself, as well as others. Thank you for checking out this blog, I hope you enjoy it as I develop it further.